Massage Therapy

Create a treatment plan with a Massage Therapist to help resolve stress, tension, acute and chronic injuries, increase range of motion, decrease pain, or as an addition to your overall self-care routine.

We offer 60 minute appointments in our online booking; please email us for 30- and 90-minute appointments, which we can occasionally accommodate.

(as of July 1, 2024)

30 Minute Massage – $75 + gst
60 Minute Massage – $120 + gst
90 Minute Massage – $170 + gst

We currently accept Debit, Visa/MC, e-transfer + cash.
All our therapists direct bill through Telus e-health; additionally Tara bills through Medavie Blue Cross.





What to expect in an appointment?

You should receive a health history form by email 24 hours before your first visit, which you can fill out in advance or do when you arrive for your appointment.

Each appointment will begin with a review of your health history and current condition, and together you and your RMT will create a plan to address your needs. Your therapist may choose to complete an assessment before and after your treatment to target the right structures and to see how your body responds.

Occasionally stretching or strengthening exercises will be given to you before you leave – doing these as directed will make a big difference in creating sustainable change!

What kind of Massage do we offer?

All of our RMT’s are trained in 2200 hour programs across Canada and can use a variety of techniques to address your specific needs. We simply call this “Therapeutic Massage”. This can look like:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Fascial Release
  • Prenatal Massage*
  • Swedish Massage
  • Sports Massage

*We have a pregnancy pillow to support your growing baby bump, please be sure to let us know you are pregnant so we can have the pillow available.

Should I be sore after my massage?

This depends on what kind of treatment you received; it is typical to have some muscle soreness for 1-2 days after a deeper tissue treatment, similar to how you might feel if you did a hard workout. Drinking lots of water following your appointment will help offset this. You should not, however, be in pain after your massage. If this is the case then the tissue was likely overworked, or the techniques used did not work well for your body. Please let your therapist know if this was the case so we can adjust our next treatment accordingly.

Ultimately you are the boss of your massage – if your therapist is ever working too deeply, or on an area you are uncomfortable with, or creating a sensation of pain, please speak up and let them know! We rely on verbal feedback as well… we might be able to see your tissue respond to a technique, but we cannot feel exactly what you are feeling.

How often should I receive massage therapy?

If you are working on an acute issue, or trying to create some sort of change, you may require more appointments spaced closer together for the first little bit – it depends on your case. Typically for maintenance and preventative care, a 60 minute massage every 4-6 weeks is ideal.