We have renovated the main level of our shop into a tiny gym, with everything you could need to build strength, create length, and reach your specific goals. We offer Personal Training + Small Group Fitness in this space.

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Covid-19 & Fitness:
On December 1st masks were made mandatory in all public spaces across the Yukon, with an exercise exemption. You may remove your mask if needed while exercising, and replace it while stretching or accessing other areas in the building, such as the washroom.

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Working with a trainer is fun, motivating, takes the guess-work out of your workouts, and gives you the tools to continue on your own. Use SMART goal-setting to map out how you will reach your goals, and then do it! With a focus on education, you can learn a lot about your own body and some basic biomechanics, emphasizing safe movements and postural awareness.

Workouts are completed in 60 minute sessions and take place in our private studio space (no overlapping sessions). Ask your trainer about semi-private and small group training as well.

Personal Training rates vary for each trainer and are dependent on length of commitment.


Our group fitness classes are kept small (10 people or less), ensuring that you get a little bit of personalized attention each time you come and workout! Not every body is the same, so not every movement will be the same either! 

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You’re favourite 6:15am sweat-sesh is back in business! Join Janelle in this 45-minute early morning bootcamp to get your workout done and amp you up for the day ahead!

(class currently not scheduled – email for coaching opportunities!)

Not everyone is a morning person, so we are offering this 45-minute late night butt-kick for all those who just can’t handle 6:00am! 

(class currently not scheduled – expected return 2021)

This post-natal “bootcamp” is for new mommas and their babies under 12 months – find your core, get your heart rate up, and help fight some of that mom-posture!


Each of our Certified Personal Trainers have a different schedule, and a different style of training. Your first appointment is always a Consult, free of charge, so you can assess together if you will be a good match.

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